Artist: The Weeknd
Track: Love In the Sky
Album: Kiss Land
Plays: 24


love in the sky // the weeknd

Artist: Yael Naim
Track: New Soul
Album: New Soul
Plays: 902


New Soul - Yael Naim

Artist: Future
Track: I Won (Feat. Kanye West)
Album: Honest
Plays: 67520


I Won ft Kanye West // Future (x)

Artist: SoMo
Track: We Can Make Love
Album: SoMo
Plays: 82


We Can Make Love - SoMo

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Artist: SoMo
Track: Crash
Album: SoMo
Plays: 590

Head first, chest hurts, never thought it’d get worse
Let the bottle pour it in, drown out all these mess ups
Lets just go back, can the story replay
To that day that you prayed that I’d never stray away.

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Artist: Drake
Track: Marvin's Room
Album: Take Care
Plays: 1581

Marvin’s Room // Drake

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Artist: Iggy Azalea
Track: Don't Need Y'all
Album: The New Classic
Plays: 4792
Artist: Fredo Santana
Track: Jealous ft. Kendrick Lamar
Album: virusexe
Plays: 3316

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Artist: Usher
Track: Confessions, Pt. II
Album: Confessions
Plays: 17537

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Artist: Lykke Li
Track: Gunshot
Album: Gunshot - Single
Plays: 4834


Lykke Li | Gunshot